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Sanne has carried out her anthropological fieldwork in and around Quillacollo, Bolivia,
in 2005 for eleven months, in 2007 for three months and in 2008/2009 for two months.

This indigenous market town is located 13 km from the city of Cochabamba, at an altitude of 2500 meter in a valley of the Andes. Her favourite spot is the Calvary Hill, where she made friends with several of the vendors of blessings and offer materials. This hill is located two kilometers outside the village and pilgrims come her with their requests to their beloved
‘Mamita de Urkupina’.

During the research she made use of different forms of research methods
like participant observation, unstructured and semi-structured interviewing,
the collection of life-histories, surveys, digital recording of conversations and rituals
and photo-elicitation methods.